Test your product concept or marketing message on the target group

Let your target audience analyze and suggest solutions that your competitors won’t even think of! 


Test your idea or description of the new product
Test your marketing messages as landing page or cold email

How does it work?


List your company. Tell us what you want to test.


Your target audience apply to test your concept or marketing messages.


Receive helpful feedback. Before you market or develop, find out if it hits the mark.


Toomas Koost

Marika Juusu

Joonatan Uusväli

Our story

Our story began with a practical need.

When working in the field of business and marketing, it was often necessary to figure out what real users are thinking about product or marketing messages.

  • Why did or didn’t they sign up?
  • Does marketing messages hit the mark?
  • What features do they like/dislike? And why?
  • Are we landing on the position that clicks with the audience?

Analyzing your target audience takes too much time, but teams need quick feedback.

Before you put money under advertising or product development it’s a good idea to know if it speaks well to your target audience.

They are curious,  brave and at the same time, they have a problem for which your product might potentially fit in.

That’s why we have created a solution where entrepreneurs and marketers can receive feedback about the product-market and message-market fit on target group!

Before you spread or develop, find out if it hits the mark.