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You no longer have to lose a single customer or penny because your messages don’t reach your target audience!


  • Content creators analyse your promotional content and create powerful new marketing messages that reach the hearts of your target audience.
  • Smartmatch matches your brand with content creators not only based on their skills, but also on age, interests and personality types.
  • Being your target customers, content creators understand how to create messages that resonate with your target audience!


How can we benefit you?

Inhoud’s content creation solution brings you relief and reassurance. This provides an opportunity to create messages that reach the hearts of your target audience.
Don’t waste your time or your company’s money; deliver great marketing wins!

Only one right message can do the work of an entire sales team!

The Smartmatch system finds the right content creators for your brand, who understand your target audience to the core and can therefore create effective messages. 


Content creators analyze the messages that are relevant to you (for example, product texts for online shops). As a result, you’ll know how to improve your messages so they work for your target audience.


Fresh ideas directly from the target audience! Content creation is a costly activity, so it is worth investing in topics that are of interest to your target group. 

Content creators bring a fresh perspective to your business that the team may overlook. They create high-quality content that is suitable to publish in newspapers, on social media and blogs.

Price package

You can order content creation services separately, as well as in a monthly package. We can offer a cheaper price and many bonuses with a monthly package. There is no obligation; you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.



A content creation solution that the marketers adore!


Here’s our story

Our story began years ago with the magazine YU, which is intended for young people working in the creative field.

Working with people, we realized that the new generation is unique – they value experiences over things. Old rules, such as status symbols and mass trends, seem fake to them. In advertising campaigns, the new Z generation prefers to see themselves instead of well-known and famous faces.

Fake advertising messages no longer worsince young people are looking for authentic content.

To create compelling content, you must first know the target audience, but when age, different values, or life experiences separate you from the target audience, it is sometimes difficult to convey a compelling message. And that’s why we created Inhoud, which brings the entrepreneurs to their target groups.

An invaluable tool for marketers when time is of the essence

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